Origin Eon17-X, new laptop for gamers now on sale

February 19, 2012 · 0 comments

Origin has announced that it has begun sales of its latest laptop for gamers, the new Origin Eon17-X. What good is the new Eon17-X? For starters, it uses an Intel Core i7-3960X 6-core Extreme to 3.3GHz, has a whopping 32GB of DDR3 RAM, four hard drives, two NVIDIA GeForce GTX 580M and a Blu-ray. These specifications mentioned above are the best available. But there's more. The Origin Eon17-X also has a 17.3 "display with full HD resolution and LED backlight has a blue backlit keypad and also has WiFi connectivity, Bluetooth, HDMI, multicard reader and USB 3.0 ports. Obviously the OS is Windows 7 and its starting price is $ 2818 U.S. dollars.

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OS X 10.8 Lion Mountain, the new operating system for Macs


As you may recall, OS X 10.7 was released about 7 months or so, and now Apple has already shown us something of what will be the next version of its operating system for Macs, OS X 10.8 Lion Mountain. With the new OS X the company aims to bridge the boundaries between phones and computers and has already stated that the new OS will feature over 100 new features, many inspired by the iPad. As expected, one of the strengths of Mountain Lion is to have icloud, so that we can access our data via any device from the company on the block.

In addition, we hand the notification center, which will undoubtedly be very useful and also let the iChat side to make way for IMessages, although the former will still work. IMessages allow us, among other things, unlimited texting and free of charge to any IOS devices or any Mac. As mentioned earlier, OS X 10.8 Lion Mountain will have many new things, we have only mentioned a few and certainly, the operating system is available for developers to be testing its technology.
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New Philips TVs 7000/6000/4000/3000 Series

February 17, 2012 · 0 comments

Some time ago we do not treat here the Philips TVs in the house, but today they have known a few new TV series that will surely meet with the features you need almost any type of consumer. From the top of the line equipment such as new Series 7000 and 6000, even the most mundane Series 4000 and 3000, Philips has designed a TV for each of us.

As we mentioned, the top-end equipment to the new series are 7000 and 6000, compatible with 3D broadcasts (the 7000 series is based on the 3D assets, while the 6000 in person), incorporating the famous Ambilight Philips. In the case of the Series 7000, are to televisions with converter 2D to 3D in real time, possibility of using the 3D system for two players to play in full screen and all kinds of individual as Wi-Fi connectivity as standard, 5 HDMI , 3 USB port, Internet Browser does not support DLNA as Ambilight and above.

For its part, the Philips Series 6000, similar characteristics include the previously mentioned equipment, also adding televisions in 32 and 37 which are not present in the Series 7000. Moreover, in this case, a 3D passive integrated, making Philips with LG, one of the few manufacturers who are betting on that system.

In mid-range computers, we have the Series 4000, in sizes 42, 37 and 32 inch Full HD panels include but not 3D support. Like everything else that new TV for this 2012, powerful features include Smart TV, and Internet access services on-line streaming, USB and DLNA support. All this complete with Wi-Fi standard and 4 HDMI ports.

Finally, we have the youngest of the house, the Series 3500, in the middle range of input will include teams from 19 to 42 inches and adding here and yes, a 720p panel in the case of the smaller teams of range. Is also Wi-Fi as standard by the way, but could be added through an optional stick. Add finally the most basic range will consist of the Series 3000, to offset its low starting price, are left without 3D support without Smart TV functions and without of course Wi-Fi standard (although the latter they can added as an option). In return, a single USB port and 100Hz panels.
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